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How To Add Value To Your Investment Property in Columbia

Being a landlord can be tough. Knowing what to charge, when to raise rent and how to find and retain the best tenants is a lot of work. If you aren’t seeing the profits you’d like, you can either walk away or do some of these simple things to add value. In our latest post, […]

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7 Pieces of Advice for New Investors in Columbia

Getting involved in real estate investment can feel overwhelming. When you aren’t sure where to begin or how to get started, you mind end up with nothing but frustration. In our latest post, we offer 7 pieces of advice for new investors in Columbia.  #1 – Network As Much As Possible In real estate investment, it’s […]

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A Look At Investment Styles For Different Generations of Investors in Columbia

As a Columbia investor, it is important you understand how to work with all kinds of buyers and sellers. In our latest post, we will examine investment styles for different generations of investors in Columbia and ways you can work with them! As generations move through time, it’s no surprise that there are different approaches […]

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